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Parents and Families

River SmallParents, families and carers

  • Do you want to know how to talk to your child?

  • Understand what your child is trying to tell you

  • The future for an autistic person is positive – with the right guidance…


Most autistic people are late bloomers (and when we do it’s beautiful). I am closely associated with Autism Oxford and often referred to as a life guide that puts hope into practise. Autism Live Training is exactly that, dealing with issues affecting the here and now to create a calmer tomorrow.


One to One sessions are £60 (I do have a few discretionary awards available on application). Please contact me for details. Phone, Skype, Email, Text, Group, One to One mentoring options are available. If you wish me to be standing next to you – please add travel expenses (fuel = 45p per mile/flight = availability)