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Personal Autistic Spectrum Mentoring

Late SunPeople – of any age

  • Undiagnosed – unaware of being in a ‘syndrome’ but aware of being different

  • Recently diagnosed with any of the Asperger’s spectrum

  • General difficulties in coping with day to day living – wounded by society

  • Learn how to go for an interview and keep a job/be happy


I am able to help you work out how to behave in frustrating conditions. Believe me when I say being autistic means I have a deep understanding of your struggles (not many experts sent to advise can speak from the horse’s mouth)

Sessions cost from £60 upwards – Phone, Skype, Email, Text, Group, One to One. I do have a few discretionary awards available on application.
If you wish me to be standing next to you – please add travel expenses (fuel = 45p per mile/flight = availability)